Monday, September 12, 2011

A Different Kind of Friday

Most of our Friday nights are spent at the farmer's market, but it was First Free Friday at a local museum, so we took advantage of the free-ness of it all and visited. 
Caleb was much more interested in some of the fossils this time around, and he enjoyed learning about the osprey.  He was even more excited when we saw a real osprey in its nest while we were out on the boat a little later!

Abby did her typical playing and being cute thing that she's so good at.

Caleb was really nervous around the jellyfish, because he was certain they were going to sting him through the glass.

Taking a ride on the boat out on the Bay.

Daddy kisses!!

We even found some friends while we were there and hung out with them part of the night.

Have I mentioned how much I'm going to miss the less-germy days of summer when it's back to the quarantine?

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