Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Save Those Pop Tops!

Remember to save those pop tops for the Ronald McDonald House!  If you get them to us, we'll take them up whenever we go.  If you aren't local, donate them to your closest RMH. 

The RMH of Baltimore uses the money they get from the pop tops to fuel the shuttle that takes families to and from the area hospitals.  It's a huge blessing to the families (especially when you have to pay to park every time and that can get very expensive). 

Check out this video and save those tops!

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Debbie and Tracy said...

What a wonderful organization and we only realized how wonderful through the Leach Family. They are now one of our preferred chartities! We wish Abby and each of you God's speed as you journey up to the Ronald McDonald House tonight for Abby's surgery tomorrow. You are all in our thoughts and prayers....God's speed