Monday, September 19, 2011

Meatball Subs

In my ever-present quest to get my family to eat healthier, I made meatball subs for dinner the other night.

No, seriously!  They were healthy!!!

You see, they were meatless ball subs!  I know they sound gross.  But they really weren't!

I bought a package of meatless balls at Giant (which has a delightful vegetarian section, I might add!) and threw them in my crock pot.  They're meat and soy free, which means they're basically just balled up vegetables.  I try to avoid soy products when possible because of all of the estrogen hype (soy is in everything these days, but I try not to eat it if I don't have to). 

I added about a can of spaghetti sauce (I always buy the kind that has full servings of veggies in it for extra healthy goodness...and to annoy my husband) and a can of diced tomatoes. 

(I didn't take any pictures of it while it was in the crock pot.  So sorry!)

I turned the crock pot on high and left it for about 3 1/2 hours, stirring it a few times an hour.  I don't think this was really necessary, but it made me feel like I was doing a little more work in making this super-easy dinner!

I scooped some meatballs and sauce onto a roll and dinner was served!

Caleb's official statement was, "Mmmmm!  This is really good, Momma!"  He ate the entire thing.  The boy never realized he was really eating several servings of vegetables.  Success!
Matt's official statement (after claiming he wanted cereal for dinner when he realized what we were having) was, "They aren't terrible."  He said he would eat them again.  Coming from a meatatarian, this is high praise. 

I stored the leftovers in my L&L glass container so that it would be easy to heat up for dinner the next night--which is exactly what we did!

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