Friday, September 16, 2011


Update:  Because of a scheduling conflict with the person who is organizing our NICU talk, the date on this meeting has changed.  It's still going to happen, but probably not until December.  :)

Since we've started on this journey, God has given us opportunities we never even considered.  It's amazing how He can take something that looks so bleak and hopeless and turn it into something beautiful and encouraging.  I'm constantly in awe of the turns my life has taken.

Matt and I have been given an amazing opportunity to speak to the NICU staff at UMMC in the beginning of November.  We'll be sharing our experience and discussing how they can continue to support families in complicated or bleak situations.  We're honored to be asked and are a bit nervous--after all, a teacher and a youth pastor will be speaking to a room full of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals!  What do we have to offer them?!

What we really hope shines through when we speak is our thankfulness to God for the miracles He performed in Abby and the unconditional love we have for our daughter.  We want to encourage them to give the families hope and to value the contributions of the people who know those babies better than anyone!  We want to suggest that they develop more of a support system to families who are going through difficult situations so that they don't feel so alone.  We also want to thank the staff for saving Abby's life and for taking such good care of her those first few crucial weeks of her life.

Will you pray for us as we prepare for this?
*  That God will give us the words to say and that we will be able to be transparent and real.
*  That the staff will be receptive and open to us (and gracious of our lack of medical knowledge!)
*  That everything we say will be encouraging and spoken in love
*  That the staff will be encouraged and amazed by Abby's progress!

Our plan is to bring Abby with us so that they can see first-hand how well she is doing.  Pictures don't do it justice!  I am hoping that she will be standing on her own!  I think she's fairly close, so that's a pretty attainable goal.

I am well aware that not every NICU story has a happy ending.  I hope that the staff will be encouraged by a "success story!"

Thanks for praying!  :)

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Anonymous said...

Julie, that's wonderful! Working in the NICU must be so demanding and focused-- they are really in the "trenches"-- that reminding them of the human element is so important. And how happy they will be to see your sassy, expressive, developmentally on target little lady!! You will bring such a valuable perspective. Good luck!
Jamie Trickle