Thursday, September 22, 2011

11 Months

Happy 11 months, Abby! 

That is so hard to believe.  I can't get over how much she has changed over the summer.  She's a different girl.

Here are the highlights of what Abby is doing:

*  She can sit completely on her own and has been for quite some time.
*  If there is a table or something for her to hold onto, Abby can stand without us holding her. 
*  Just the other day, she began signing "more" and is acting as if she's been doing it for months.  I have yet to get a picture or video of it because she's stubborn like her momma.

*  Abby has started leaning and reaching for Matt, Caleb, and me.  :)
*  She really likes her babies and gets a huge smile when we hand one to her.  She is learning how to rock the baby, not smack the baby.

*  We are pretty much signing everything we can to her so that she is being exposed to lots of different signs.  There's been a lot of sign language studying around here! The next one we are working on getting her to do is Caleb's sign because she likes him best.  :)

*  Abby is still not overly thrilled with eating solid food, but does a bit better if you give her another spoon to play with.  Otherwise, she spends the whole time trying to grab the food spoon.
*  She is learning how to drink through a special cup and straw and has been able to suck the milk up several times.  We're still working on this!

(Penny came for a visit)

Get ready for a big celebration next month, Abby Joy!  I can't believe it's been almost a year!!

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bnhmom, maryland said...

Julie, I have been following your blog and abby's development. god bless your family. Happy birthday abby. we all love you.