Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A New Kind of Alphabet Book

In Caleb's preschool class, each week is a different letter of the alphabet.  They start at A, go all the way to Z, and then start over again.  Each kid is supposed to bring in two items a week (one for each day of class) that start with the letter of the week.

As we were discussing what Caleb should bring for A, I jokingly said he should take in the apnea monitor.  Matt and I then joked that we could find medical equipment for every letter of the alphabet and really give those kids in his class an education!

Out of that sprung an idea that I really would create an alphabet book blog series!  A lot of it is related to trachs and vents, but some are more on the special needs side of things.  I usually have several words for each letter, and my plan is to write a more detailed description beneath each word.  Who knows, maybe this will turn into a real book someday!  Regardless, I think it will be fun and a good way to teach others some of the medical terms that have become part of our everyday vocabulary.  These are tier one words for us now, teacher friends!  :)

So, look for the "A New Kind of Alphabet Book" blog series in future posts.  Right now, I only have the words for each letter--no explanations.  It's a work in progress. 

And no, Caleb did not take the apnea monitor for A.  He took his Alvin and the Chipmunks CD and his Abby doll (the one that has a trach and gtube--all totally his idea!)

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