Monday, June 28, 2010


Today was Caleb's first day of swim lessons with Kandi Spain, who was my swim instructor when I was a kid as well!  He did a great job!

We had many conversations this morning about the importance of being a good listener and doing what Ms. Kandi told him to do.  I think we did a good job of prepping him, because he was golden!

Listening to Ms. Kandi's directions.  The older boy is her son, who was helping out with the younger ones.

Kicking his legs.  Sara is in his class, which I think made him feel a little more comfortable.  Although, he was very concerned about whether Ms. Kandi would rescue him if Sara pushed him under the water.  I assured him that she would, but that Sara wouldn't do anything like that.  :)

There were more girls than boys in the class.  One was Sara, one was a girl who spent the whole time screaming in terror while her mom video taped, one was a daddy's girl who spent more time out of the pool with him, and then there was this little girl, Emily.  I think Caleb has a new love.  Watch out, Emma!  :)

We're hoping that the rest of the week goes as smoothly as today went. 

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