Tuesday, June 8, 2010


No, not me.  The little robins that have taken up residence in our hanging baskets.  They come every year, but Caleb is especially interested in them this year.

Whenever I refill our watering bulbs, I take the baskets down to make sure I don't pierce the nests with the bulb!  Well, last night, look what I found...

These little guys hatched just a few hours before this picture was taken!  They were really sweet in an ugly gremlin kind of way!  They kept trying to pick up their heads and move.

Caleb's response was, "Can I snuggle with them a little bit, Momma?"  He did seem to understand the reason why he couldn't though.

Matt and Caleb talked to the momma bird to assure her that they were not going to touch her babies.  We'll take pictures of their daily development as we continue with this real-life science lesson!  (I love stuff like this!!)

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