Thursday, June 24, 2010

How Milk is Made

This is the conversation we had while Caleb was drinking some milk.

Caleb:  Mommy, is this milk from cows?
Me:  Yes.
Caleb:  Oh.  The cows pee in a bucket and then it turns into milk and that's how we get milk.
Me:  No, it's not cow pee Caleb.  It's milk from their bodies.
Caleb:  They have milk in their bodies?
Me:  Yes.  The milk comes from their udders.
Caleb:  Where are the udders?  Is that the pee hole?
Me:  No, their udders are near their stomach.
Caleb:  So they pee through their stomach?

And this continued for quite some time.  Reason #349 why I'm thankful I won't be nursing this baby!  My sister will sure be getting some questions though--look out!!

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