Thursday, June 10, 2010

Going Green

I've always tried to be environmentally friendly, but in my more recent years I've realized just how much is thrown away!  Sure, we recycle (well, I recycle...), try not to waste water, etc.  But I wanted to do a bit more.  I'm not into dealing with compost because I don't like the mess or the smell.  I knew there was more I could do!

We went to all cloth napkins about a year ago, and I've never looked back.  Do I use an occasional paper towel to soak up nastiness under Becky's bowl once in a while?  Sure.  But I do love my cloth napkins.  I'd venture to say that Matt doesn't even mind them!  We've always chosen rags over paper towels for cleaning, so that wasn't really a change.

Until a few days ago, we've been using cheap white wash cloths for every day napkins and have some nicer linen ones for when guests come.  Last week, Amy gave Caleb some ridiculously cute pirate-print napkins as a little end-of-the-year gift.

Side Note:
This is the same sister who SCOFFED at my all-cloth venture last year!  Might I add that she is now all-cloth as well????  Monkey see, monkey do!  I'll accept your apology for your jeers.  :)

Anyway, Caleb LOVED them--although the pirates distracted him a bit from his lunch--so I went on this site and ordered a bunch more in various boyish prints.  His favorite?  The sharks!!  Maybe I'll be ordering some girly ones in the future as well....just a few more weeks!!  :)

At the beginning of the year, I drastically reduced the amount of plastic Ziploc bags we use by purchasing some cloth vinyl-lined velcro bags.  These are great for all kinds of snacks and sandwiches, and are easily wiped clean.  The only down side is that food doesn't stay fresh for more than a day or two in them because they aren't really sealed.  As long as you eat whatever is in them that day, you're good to go.

So, there's your friendly Going Green message for today.  I'm sure if I could sew I could easily make either of these.  But I don't.  So I buy them.  If you don't sew either, you can just buy them too.  Enjoy.  :)

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