Friday, June 11, 2010

Poor Ezra

Yesterday, our nephew Ezra broke his femer.  His fall was really not that bad (according to his mom), but he fell in such a way that it actually broke like a corkscrew.  In addition to having a large cast around his stomach, down his leg, and 1/2 way down the other, poor Ezra can't put any weight on that leg at all...which means no hobbling, crawling, or even scooting! 

We brought them some dinner, watched Isaac while they were meeting with the doctor, and hung out with them for the evening at the hospital until they were finally able to go home around 9:00.  Caleb and Isaac had a great time playing Batman and Robin with their superhero capes (thank you, Subway napkins!) and watching videos on my iPod. 

Ezra, naturally, was miserable.  The little wimpers he would let out were heartbreaking, and it was obvious that he was in a lot of pain.  I'm hoping that he's feeling better today, but I'm sure he'll be uncomfortable for a loooooong time! 

Caleb was quite concerned about him and immediately suggested we pray for Ezra as soon as I told him what had happened.  Yes, he's sweet!  :)

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