Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Real Quick

My life this week:

swim lessons at 11:30
lunch after we get home
get Caleb down for a nap
leave at 3:45 for VBS
get home at 9:30ish
...and do it all over again!

The second half of my week will also include many visitors, so let's just say I'm a little busy!  I have a post ready for tomorrow, but you might not hear from me too much until next week when things have calmed down a bit!  Ta ta!


Anonymous said...

my kids have been starving each night (not to mention wired) so watch out...I thought for sure they'd be sleeping on the way home but they were quite the opposite!

Caleb's Mom said...

Maybe I'll bring a snack for them to eat before we leave and then have "quiet time" in the car!