Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why I Love Memorial Day

5.  I get a day off.  3 day weekends are always nice, right??

4.  Memorial Day usually equals food on the grill or some kind of yummy dinner.

3.  I like singing patriotic music at church.

2.  It brings back hysterical (but now touching!) memories of my childhood.  We would always watch the Memorial Day concert in D.C.  My dad, who LOVES Memorial Day, would wear a patriotic tshirt, one of his sweat bands, and bring a couple of little American flags in the living room to wave around in time to the patriotic music.  As a child, I would love to sit and laugh at him.  Now, I am anxiously awaiting 8 p.m. on MPT so that Caleb can wave his new American flag around and listen to the patriotic songs!

1.  I am learning more and more just how incredibly blessed we are to live in this country and am thankful for all of those who risk their lives for our freedom!

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