Saturday, May 15, 2010

Clothes and Kids

I got some new maternity clothes this weekend.  Some I bought used from a friend of my sister, and some I bought new.  I was in pretty desperate need, seeing as I didn't show with Caleb until September and pretty much any short sleeved stuff I did have was my sister's (which she is currently using!!)  Today at the mall I got 2 tops, a pair of khaki capris and shorts, 2 tank tops to wear under stuff, and a denim skirt. 

**Side note about the tank tops:  They are an absolute necessity with maternity clothes because for some reason the designers make everything low cut!  I am not a fan of low cut stuff in general, and my body is not shaped for it either, so I wear a lot of tank tops underneath.  My non-maternity ones are starting to ride up a bit, so I needed some bigger ones!

Caleb's girlfriend Emma is staying with us this weekend while her parents are at a wedding.  I have lots of pictures to post, but not tonight!  She has been so sweet and good--and Caleb has too!!  Given his recent behavior, that is quite a feat in itself.  He is trying to earn a trip on a real submarine and has to get 10 days of earning all of his magnets to do it.  (It's an out-of-commission submarine in the Baltimore Harbor that you can tour.  We're also going to go to the aquarium on that day too.)  It's seeming to motivate him so far, and he is quite interested in submarines, so I'm hoping it buys us some good days!!

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