Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

I am feeling the baby move around a lot now when I'm sitting still, and I even felt a real kick today.  It was pretty exciting!  I can't wait for Matt to be able to feel them.  I graduated from Notre Dame last week.  One of my friends went to his wife's graduation and saw my name in the program.  I'm so glad that I'm finally done!!  I can officially say that I graduated with a 4.0 and Master's in Elementary Education.  There are storms coming to our area.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow too, so our field day was postponed until next week.  I'm staring at a basket of my husband's laundry that he was supposed to put away on Monday.  I'm refusing to do it because it's all his (from his trip last weekend) and it's principle.  I really want ice cream.  Like really.  Like, I have a brand new ice cream maker and am contemplating examining the ingredients needed to see if I have everything I need to just make it, since I can't leave the house to buy any.  Matt is at a meeting tonight.  He has had a lot on his plate recently.  Anyone who says being a youth pastor is an easy job doesn't see the behind-the-scenes work.  I tease him, but his job can be pretty difficult.  There is a commercial on for Breyer's ice cream.  NOT COOL!  I have popsicles, but they will not suffice.  Ugh, I wish Matt was home (or on his way home) so that he could buy me some ice cream!! 

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My 3 kids said...

I didn't read the title before I read the entry, honest, but I was so going to type "stream of consciousness??" in this... :)