Monday, May 24, 2010

Crab Claws

Caleb and I went to Chesapeake's Bounty on Saturday to get some strawberries.  Sadly, they are out of local ones and didn't have any "imports" yet.  The guys there are great and always let Caleb see the lively crabs they have for sale. 

When we got back in the car, Caleb started saying that he didn't want a crab to bite him.  I agreed, saying that one pinched me once on the foot and it hurt.  He asked where I was, and I replied that it was when I was working at camp wading in the water.

He was very quiet for a minute. The wheels were turning. 

Finally, he asked, "But how did they get out of the pot?"

The poor guy had never seen a crab in its natural environment--just in a bushel basket or on a table ready to eat!  He didn't realize that they actually lived in the water.  :)

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