Monday, May 3, 2010


We recently started reading a chapter book with Caleb at bedtime.  He loves to read and his oral comprehension is pretty remarkable (if I do say so myself...), so we figured that a longer book would be just the challenge he needed!  Being the teacher I am, I have a ton of books at school.  I brought home four short chapter books that he could choose from of varying genres.  Although a book about a cat caught his eye, the Magic Tree House:  Pirates at High Noon was his choice.  We read one or two chapters at night, making up for the infrequent pictures by acting out events in the story like the wind shaking the trees or the high waves rocking the boat.

At Joann's the other day, we found a great addition to our bedtime ritual:  a wooden pirate mask!  This is the type that you hold up and can color, which we did....oh, is there a lot of color on there!  :)  Now, whenever one of the pirates speak, Caleb holds up his mask and gives a resounding ARRRRRRRRRR!  Coincidentally, he also discussed pirates at Mom's Morning Out on Friday and made a spy glass out of a paper towel roll--even better! 

I'm not sure what book we will do next, as we are more than halfway done with this one.  Maybe I'll try for a book that has a movie to go along with it so that we can watch that after we read the book.  We shall see!

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