Saturday, May 8, 2010

What in the world have I been up to???

Yes, I know my blog hasn't been updated in a week.  Yes, I know I am usually much better about it than that.  Life has just been incredibly busy!

I've been...

Working in the yard weeding and planting flowers.  This is our Japanese Maple that exploded this year!  The harsh winter didn't hurt this guy!

Doing lots and lots of laundry.  It never ends!!

Learning how to deal with a little boy who is not nearly as cute and innocent as he appears to be.  Tantrums have officially hit the Leach household.  (Knock on wood, the last few days have been much better.  We are trying a new tactic!)

Plus, I have also been:
*  Going to a family wedding
*  Teaching
*  Going on a million field trips (okay, 3, but it seemed like a lot more!)
*  Sleeping...this baby is wearing me out!
*  Getting bigger--the buttonable pants are dwindling, but the maternity pants are too big

Soooooo, there you are.  I'm back now though and trying to think of interesting blog posts.  Ideas???

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