Sunday, May 30, 2010

The USS Torsk

Yesterday, we boarded the USS Torsk so that Caleb could visit a real submarine.  This is out of commission, but you can tour it and touch a lot of the stuff inside.  The boy was in heaven!

He loved being able to "drive" the sub.  I couldn't get over the number of levers there were all over the place!  I'm pretty sure I'd sink it...

The men slept in beds that were literally inches from the roof.  One was so close that you had to climb in through another person's bed and kind of slide into yours feet first.  It freaked me out just looking at it!

Caleb loved the doorways between areas, but he kept wanting to shut the doors!  He also liked pretending he was the captain.

He even pretended to eat dinner at the crew's mess hall!

He loved the torpedos and even got to touch one!  That hole is where they would load a torpedo.  Beds were directly over top of the thanks!

Of course, he HAD to sing, "We all live in a GRAY submarine..."

It was a really fun trip, and the boy was telling everyone about it at church today.  I'll share about the aquarium in another post.

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