Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We All Live in a Yellow Submarine...

Submarine Update:

As you know, we are working on a submarine incentive with Caleb.  He really wants to go on a real submarine, so he has to earn it.  A day with all of his magnets on his responsibility chart means a sticker on a different little chart.  When he collects 10 stickers, we will go visit the submarine in Baltimore.

Side note:  It doesn't actually move, but it is in the water and was a real commissioned submarine.  The actual submarine rides were only in exotic places like Hawaii and the Bahamas.  That would have to be a pretty big incentive!

Well, the boy has been doing SO well with his chart that he has now earned SEVEN stickers!  He only needs THREE more, which means that we will quite possibly go on the submarine this weekend.  This is actually what we were hoping for, because it was a free weekend for both of us (imagine that!) and we wanted the reward to be fairly immediate so that the draw isn't lost.  We are planning for Saturday, but can go Monday if necessary. 

Along with the submarine tour, we will be going to the Baltimore Aquarium.  I've wanted to take Caleb there for a while because he loves fish so much, but they don't allow strollers.  This summer is the first time I feel like we could go the whole day without needing a stroller...and the last summer for a few more years!  We figured this would be the perfect time to go, since the submarine tour won't take very long and we'll already be in Baltimore. 

Caleb has big plans to wear his Yellow Submarine shirt and sing "We All Live in a Yellow Submarine..." as soon as we get on.  I'm sure he will... :)

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