Monday, May 31, 2010

Dun-un, dun-un, dun-un dun-un dun-un dun-un....

The other half of our trip to Baltimore was a visit to the Baltimore Aquarium.  It's not a cheap excursion, but I think we got our money's worth.  Caleb loved every second of it!

We were able to see the dolphins for a few minutes before they were taken in for their show.  They were being fed, so they were still enough for me to get a picture!

The jellyfish exhibit was there.  It was pretty cool, but crowded with lots of rude people that don't understand the concept of waiting your turn.  I really liked the jellyfish that looked like coral so that they blended in on the reefs. 

The bubble tanks gave Caleb an opportunity to actually bang and run around a bit. 

Lucky for us, there were divers in the big sting ray tank feeding some of the animals.  The big sea turtle is missing a flipper.  :(  We watched them for a long time.  Caleb was absolutely fascinated.

We visited the rainforest, but didn't spot the sloth.  We did get an earful from this noisy bird though!

I love the gracefulness of the sting rays.  This shark (whom I am afraid was sick) was the only one who say still long enough for me to get a good picture.  Too bad he wasn't facing the camera!

Do you see the crocodile's eyes sticking out?  I was pretty proud of this one.  I just wish the reflection of my shirt wasn't showing! 

This made Caleb laugh. Right after this, another family had their daughter do the same thing.

Wherever we go, we try to find one of those souvenir penny machines.  Caleb has a collection and just got a collector's book to put them in! 

It seriously was one of the best days we've had together in a long time.  I love my family and it's important to me that Caleb know that adding another baby will not change our feelings for him.  I think he knows we love him.  <3

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