Thursday, October 22, 2009

Swine Flu

There is Swine Flu all over our school.  There are 2 confirmed cases in my class alone, but a bunch of kids have been absent.  I had 5 missing this morning!  Unfortunately, my day at school was cut very short when I got a phone call at about 9:05 from my sister saying Caleb had thrown up all over her. 

Lovely.  Poor Amy!

I got some things together and came right home (Amy was dropping Sara off at school when it happened, which is even better!)  It wasn't totally unexpected because I thought Caleb felt a bit warm this morning but he didn't register having a fever and was acting okay. 

Even now, he's sitting next to me in bed singing the Hokey Pokey and using his sick bucket as a drum (don't worry, he hasn't used the sick bucket yet!!) telling me that a little treat would make him feel better.  As long as he can sing, he must be doing okay!  :)

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