Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Feelings About Halloween

You may choose to agree or disagree, but these are our feelings on Halloween!

Halloween in itself is not evil.  What some people choose to do on Halloween may be evil, but Halloween in itself is a harmless day where kids are given permission to dress up and stuff their faces with candy. 

Some people choose to get drunk.  Some people choose to vandalize other people's houses.  Some people choose to spend time with their families.  Some people choose to go to church parties.  Whatever people choose to do is their choice.  People's choices should not deem an entire holiday evil.

Now, you all probably know that Matt is the youth pastor at our church.  I'm sure some people have strong feelings about Halloween.  Do we dress up?  Yep!  Do we trick-or-treat?  Sure do!  Do we/will we dress Caleb in scary or gory costumes?  No.  We do have limits.  He can be cute or funny, but not vulgar.  This isn't an issue now, but I'm sure it will be as he gets older.  Our school doesn't dress up anymore, so it may not be quite as big a deal.

We do go trick-or-treating, but we also go to our church's fall festival.  This is a HUGE event where kids get TONS of candy, play lots of games, go on hayrides, and play on inflatables.  It's one of the biggest events in our county, and it's all free!  What an awesome outreach to our community.  While we don't encourage vulgar costumes and hope that people will be sensitive to the fact that we are a church, we do not turn anyone away.  Matt teaches a short lesson every 1/2 an hour to any kids who want to join them, and they get information about our church.

Don't hate Halloween--embrace it as a way to share Christ with others!!

...and that's all I have to say about that.

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