Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

*  I do not have an insane amount of kids out every day with the same symptoms:  high fever, nasty cough, and body aches.  I do not at all assume that this is Swine Flu and that it is all over our school.  I have not been having my students take a squirt of hand sanitizer every 10 minutes in order to try to keep the germs down.  What's more, I certainly didn't have my reading kids use disinfectant wipes to wipe off all of their folders and notebooks and the inside of their desks!  That would be over the top...

*  I was not secretly thankful that this Sunday was not Communion so that I didn't feel obligated to take a piece of the bread that many other not-so-clean hands had already touched.  The thought of next week being the first Sunday of the month (Communion Sunday) doesn't gross me out and cause me to shudder.  I'm not seriously considering not taking Communion.

*  I did not have to give Caleb an emergency bath on Saturday because he had smeared poop all over his chest and stomach.  I didn't find out about this by his matter-of-fact, "There's poop on my body!" announcement.  What's more, I didn't refuse to carry him to the bath tub and instead demand that he march into his bathroom with his hands in the air so that he wouldn't touch anything with his poopy fingers.

*  While shopping for our Operation Christmas Child gifts this year, I did not actually pull a wool hat off of the shelf and suggest that we put that in the shoe box.  These gifts are for children in warm climates like Africa, so they have no use for such items.  Matt didn't get a huge laugh out of it, either!

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