Monday, October 12, 2009

Proud Parent of a Pottying Preschooler

How's that for some alliteration?!?  (I'm teaching elements of poetry right now, so I have alliteration on the brain!)

Disclaimer:  This post is totally about the art of pooping and the celebrating that comes after.  If you are not interested in hearing about the potty habits of my two year old, please stop reading at this time.

Caleb has really turned a corner in this pottying adventure.  Two and a half weeks ago, Matt did the same thing we've been doing since June--he put Caleb on the potty to try to poop.  For some reason, Caleb finally decided that it was time to actually go...and he did!  They called and left a message on my cell while I was at school.  Matt was so excited that he lifted Caleb over his head and ran around screaming doing what Caleb called a parade. 

Well, the parade must have worked because the next day, he did it again...and again, and again!  In fact, he has only pooped once in his pants since that fateful day (well, he did poop while he was sleeping twice, but we don't count that at this point.  We only count waking hours!)

We started out giving him two prizes each time (we'd been stockpiling since June and didn't have much of a reason to give him a prize, so we had a lot!) but those prizes dwindled quickly when the Pooping Machine started going.  He goes at least twice, and sometimes three times a day!  We've cut it back to one prize and are making those smaller prizes or no-cost privileges.  He doesn't seem to mind and is quite content with the little cars that he gets.  Last night, he got a small Lightning McQueen car that fits in the new Mac car wash truck he got at a yard sale on Saturday! 

Anyway, he's not perfect yet, but he's getting there!  We're feeling a million times better about potty training these days.  We just needed the glimmer of hope!!

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