Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Snickers

Here are a few stories to make you chuckle...

*  On the way home from Isaac's birthday party on Friday night, we were trying to get Caleb to fall asleep.  Matt convinced him that he had painted pictures on the inside of Caleb's eye lids, but the only way to see them was to close his eyes.  When Caleb obeyed, he shouted, "I see them!" with glee...and then fell asleep pretty soon after that!! :)

* Yesterday Caleb and I went to a few yard sales.  I've started having him take some of his money from his piggy bank to encourage coin recognition and understanding of a value of a dollar (or quarter, as the case may be!)  He found a set of stacking cars for 10 cents that are made for young children and wanted to buy them, but I told him that he was too old for them.  He immediately decided that Emma really wanted them, so he bought them for her with his own money!  I'm not sure that Emma will really want a set of boyish-looking cars, but it was a nice gesture.  A love token, if you will.... :)

*  Last night in the car we were listening to Dashboard Confessional, one of Matt's favorite bands.  They aren't Christian, but they don't cuss or anything and are relatively calm.  We had just finished "Screaming Infidelities," which is not a screaming song at all, when Caleb innocently asked, "What's infidelity?"  Um...conversations I had NOT planned to have with my two year old!!  Wanna know my answer?  "It's when you are not very nice to the person you love."  He seemed content with that.  I told Matt he is seriously going to have to watch what we listen to so that we don't have anymore of those awkward moments!

*  As usual, Caleb woke up at 6 a.m. today.  He climbed into bed with us for a few more minutes until Matt's alarm went off to get ready to go to church (he goes to the early service, but we go to the late service).  Matt told Caleb to be quiet and lay still.  When Caleb started whispering to me, Matt repeated that he needed to be quiet.  Caleb's whispered reply:  "I am being quiet!"  I think he got Matt on a technicality...

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