Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

*  Caleb did not ask me what infidelity meant this weekend in the car.  He certainly did not gain this new vocabulary word from a song Matt played on his iPod.  We are much more vigilant about what we let our son listen to and would never fill his mind with such filth. 

*  My answer to Caleb's question about the definition of infidelity most definitely wasn't it's when you aren't very nice to the person you love.  I am completely honest with him and do not try to get out of awkward conversations by giving a vague and not-completely-true definition.

*  In a ploy to try to get Caleb to fall asleep in the car, Matt did not convince him that he had painted pictures on the inside of our son's eyelids.  Caleb totally didn't buy it like a champ and end up falling asleep almost immediately!

*  While eating apple fries at Bob Evans tonight, Matt did not try to force feed Caleb in order to get him to eat caramel.  Caleb didn't completely refuse to eat it and end up throwing a big tantrum.  I did not think this was absolutely ridiculous and proceed to fuss at Matt for making Caleb eat something like that when he didn't want to.  We don't often fight over how to handle Caleb's eating habits.  We're a united front in every aspect of parenting.

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