Thursday, October 15, 2009

Call Me a Fireman...

On Saturday, we went to this lame not incredibly-well planned Fall Festival at a local church.  Besides the fact that you had to pay for all of the events, there just wasn't much to do.  Plus, they gave out NO candy!!  It just wasn't quite like the Fall Festival I'm used to...

One positive note is that they did have the Saint Leonard Fire Department there to do demonstrations and let the kids look in the fire truck, which Caleb enjoyed.  Now, the SLFD isn't exactly known for its speediness to calls, but it is becoming very well-known for one thing:  it's fabulous outdoor country music concerts.  They have had Alan Jackson, Little Big Town, Kellie Pickler, etc.  A lot of big names have made their way down to our teeny town that is lacking even its own grocery store.

Anyway, this is how the conversation went:

Fireman: (after finishing his demonstration)  "So, that's how the fire truck works.  Any questions?"

Caleb raises his hand while perched on top of Matt's shoulders.

Fireman:  "Yes, little boy?"

Caleb:  "When is the next concert?"

Does this mean my kid is ADD, or is it that he is incredibly intelligent to be able to put together that this man works at the same firehouse where the concerts are held?  Not sure yet...

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