Friday, August 8, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

I have decided to highlight a few of my favorite things every now and then, just for kicks. They will most likely be rather random, but hopefully entertaining! So, without further adieu, here is my first entry:

My Nikon S80. I got this camera in May with our economic stimulus check (we did our part!) and it is absolutely amazing. I have 12 mp, 18x zoom, and a 3 1/2 inch LCD screen. I can take super close-up pictures, use the sports mode to take 30 seconds of nonstop pictures (which, for a toddler who won't sit still, is definitely useful !) and I can make it take take the picture in both color and black/white (I can also change regular color pictures into BW later if I want to, but I like that I can do it in both and save a little time.) I did quite a bit of research and thought I had my camera picked out (a Sony) but when I got to Best Buy and looked at it, it just didn't have the same feel and solidity (is that a word?) as the Nikon. They were comparable in price and features, with the Nikon having a few more for the money. I tell you what, it is worth every penny I spent to have a reliable, good camera! My old one was 10 years old with only 3 mp, so you can understand my excitement about the upgrade!

Cove Point Park. They have an excellent, HUGE playground! There is a really nice toddler playground with special toddler swings. Right next to it is a big playground for older kids. In the future, I can let Caleb play on the big playground while I'm with Abigail/Noah on the toddler playground! It is very clean, and the floor is a cushiony rubber that is very soft. We've gone several times and different times of the day and it never seems to be overly crowded. When we went last night, I did see 4 of my past students though! (that's normally not a bad thing, unless I've just had a rotten day!) There is also a water park. We've never been because Caleb is still a little too young, but I've heard it is really nice and much cleaner than Chesapeake Water Park. If you live in So MD, you should visit sometime!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Basically, anything written/illustrated by Eric Carle (Brown Bear isn't written by him, oddly enough!) Caleb absolutely loves this book and I normally read it to him at least 3 times a day. I have it completely memorized, but I still go through the pages because Caleb likes to look at the pictures. He is starting to "say" (I use that term loosely--it's more or less just syllables) the words along with me, and it is just very cute. Eric Carle writes timeless books that are the kinds of books that I want my kids to grow up reading. There's nothing questionable or disrespectful in them. I love the illustrations too. I can't even make a sun using tissue paper, so I can just imagine illustrating entire books! He's quite fascinating.

Okay, well, that is probably enough for tonight. I don't want to give too much away at once or my 3 readers will get bored! :) (Katie, Larissa, and Keba, you guys are great!) :)


Katie said...

I look forward to seeing updates on your blog! Maybe we should arrange a marriage between Caleb and Lucy! I forgot all about CPP, we'll have to meet up there sometime!

Caleb's Mom said...

Yes, Caleb and Lucy could definitely marry. She's a cutie! I have to warn you...he's a bit of a ladies' man! He's the love of the nursery at church... :)