Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday, Monday

Today was a long one. We had a 2 hour staff meeting, School Improvement Team subcommittee meetings, special event committee meetings, and a 4th grade team meeting. We had 10 minutes, here, 15 minutes there in between meetings. There is even less time to work in our classrooms this year than there is normally, which is frustrating. I have so much to do but I tutored tonight and couldn't stay late. I have already told Matt that I'm not coming home tomorrow until it's done. I hate having to work up until the last minute. I don't do well under pressure and much prefer to start earlier and take my time. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed in our rooms until 2 days before we started (because of inspections) and children weren't allowed....which meant I really couldn't work too much before we started.

A positive outcome of today: our principal did some door prize drawings and I got a $15 Coldstone gift card!!!! I was sooooooooooo ecstatic and proclaimed my excitement to the whole staff! I absolutely love Coldstone and we pretty much go whenever we drive by one...whether we've had dinner or not! :) There's always something positive, even in a dull day.... :)


Katie said...

Hang in there, Julie. I know from Dad that the first full week is the worst! Here's hoping you get home in time to kiss Caleb goodnight tomorrow!

Larissa said...

I can hardly believe the summer is over! Once school starts I bet things settle down!! Did you already use the card? I would have!! :)