Sunday, August 3, 2008

I love digital scrapbooking!

2 pieces of good news:

1. I was able to get into my classroom (thanks to my favorite custodian Josephine!) and grabbed my all-time favorite resource, MSA Finishline. From that, I was able to make Senteo quizzes up for more than 1/2 of the book during my class on Friday! I saved them very specifically (ie: Geometry p. 23-25) so that I knew exactly what transparencies to pull for each quiz! This is something that I would never have time to do during the school year, so I was very excited that I got so much done.

2. I finally loaded the printer software onto the new laptop, so I printed all of the digital scrapbook pages I had made so far. They look great! I bought a couple of books on sale at Michael's the other day, and I feel so good knowing that I have so much done in so little time!! It seriously takes like 10 minutes (if that) to make a page. Yes, printing can get expensive, but so does all of the Creative Memories materials you have to buy! I know hard-core scrapbookers probably look on this with scorn, but I don't care! I never scrapbooked before because of lack of time, and I'm happy that I have found something manageable! I made 4 more pages last night! :)

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Anonymous said...

Julie, so glad that you're using your new blog! And thanks for linking to us. I may check out your digital scrapbook suggestion too. I hate scrapbooking normally, but I think I could get into it if it is as easy as you say.....Glad you guys are well.