Friday, August 8, 2008

Open-window days

Today was absolutely beautiful in So MD: low humidity, temps in the high 70s....amazing for August! We don't have too many spring days around here anyway before the humidity gets in the way, so a break in August is just spectacular! I love open-window days and would do it all summer long if Matt would let me, but he pitches a fit! Today the air conditioning is definitely off and all of the screen doors are open! It is actually cooler in here than what the air is normally set on.

Caleb and I celebrated by taking a long walk around the neighborhood and checking out the sights. We saw lots of birds (which he pointed out repeatedly until I acknowledged them), a cute Beagle whose howling made Caleb laugh, and several kids that go to my school. It was fun!

Then I made brownies for cook out we are having tomorrow with some friends, and I let him lick the spoon for the first time....trying not to think about the possibility of him getting salmonella! (Of course, I always lick the spoon....but adults can't get salmonella, right??) :P

In the middle of cutting up veggies for the veggie tray, I hear a ruckus in the playroom. I go to check and Caleb is yelling at Becky, saying "No NO NOOOOO Becky! My balloon!!" After further examination, I realize that the beloved Elmo balloon has gotten caught around Becky's collar and Caleb feels that she is trying to steal his balloon. He keeps trying to grab it back, which just stirs Becky up and makes her run away, which makes Caleb chase her and yell, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! My balloon, Becky!" When I finally caught Becky, separated Caleb from her, and untangled the balloon, all was well again.....although Caleb has been keeping a very close eye on the balloon since the episode occurred! :)

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