Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gotta love a good deal...

I had a yard sale at my sister's community yard sale on Saturday, but I spent almost as much as I made! I did get some really good deals though--namely, a 2-step stool with a drawer, a Sit-and-Spin, and a ball pit in the shape of a race car.

The stool was pretty banged up with lots of paint chips, but never fear....I've already repainted it!! :) It looks great now. The Sit-and-Spin is a little difficult for Caleb to do on his own, but he does enjoy being spun around on it!

The ball pit was the biggest hit!!!!! There were a couple of tiny holes that let some air out, but I patched those and it's just fine now. Caleb LOVES it...he runs and jumps in, loves to be thrown (carefully!) into it, jumps up and down in it, and (of course) throws all of the balls out of the pit constantly!! He really likes when we get in it...but Matt had a little trouble getting out of it! :)

My favorite pictures are the ones where Caleb is lying down on his back in the pit. Matt has a very similar picture from when he was about 7 or so. I love that Caleb has a similar picture now! :)

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