Saturday, August 16, 2008

Second Day of School

Well, Friday was actually not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, considering that I was in meetings all day. Here are the highlights of Friday and Saturday:

*I got a compacted curriculum to do with my honors students, which allows us the freedom to do a lot more research, extension, etc. This curriculum narrowed down the best stories in the anthology for honors students and matched them up by indicator. Now our compacted curriculum is completely aligned to the VSC (our national curriculum).

* Because I had an honors meeting that lasted the entire morning while all of the other 4-5th grade teachers got to work in their rooms, I was quite behind in getting my work done. In our afternoon meeting, the reading supervisor let the honors teachers leave early since we'd already done our curriculum planning. I got to go back to my school and work without anyone there, so I got a lot done. It is sometimes hard to work when there are a bunch of people around.

* I was still feeling overwhelmed, so I went in on Saturday for a while to work. Matt had a meeting, so I thought I would have to take Caleb with me and not get very much done. My sister offered to take him for me so that I could work.

* I got to spend some QT with Owen and Sara this afternoon while Amy worked for my dad. Since Owen will be starting Kindergarten this year, it was fun to hang out with him a bit. They are quite a pair! Let's just say the ball pit got quite a workout and is now deflated on one side....

*Barbara came for dinner tonight and got to spend some good time with Caleb before she stays with Isaac and Ezra for the week. Caleb really enjoyed playing with her--especially when we were all throwing the ball around! For some reason, he kept literally doubling over with laughter and was even "silent laughing" at times! We've never seen him do this before and didn't really know what he found so funny! Eventually, I think he kept laughing because we were laughing at him!

Matt is preaching tomorrow for the first time at Calvert GBC. (Well, he spoke at youth Sunday, but it was more topical....this is the first one that is a part of the series, has notes, a PowerPoint, etc. Plus, PWag wasn't there the last time!) Pray for him in the morning!

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