Saturday, August 9, 2008

Good times with Grace Chapel

We had the Grace Chapel youth over tonight for a cookout, and it was lots of fun! It was not an easy decision to leave GC after nearly 4 years, and we really miss those guys! We know that God wants us at Calvert GBC and are so excited about the opportunities we have there, but it was hard to leave the youth group we'd grown to love. Although some of the core GC youth group members were missing because of work and vacation, we had a great time visiting with the Pogars and Roberts families, as well as with Brandon!

Hannah was Caleb's playmate and did a great job of keeping him occupied while some of the others were playing Ladder Ball. Luke was thoroughly impressed with our next door neighbor's collection of classic and RARE VW cars and even got a few pictures. Wally (our neighbor) is so proud of his cars that he is happy to tell you all about them! Tabitha was a pretty good Ladder Ball player, but I can't say as much for Brandon. His first throw landed the ball loop in the trees! After several attempts to get it down with a broom I finally had to get on Matt's shoulders, pull the limb down toward me, untangle it, and throw it down! (He did get better after that!)

We love our GC kids and enjoy all of our time with them. You guys hold a special place in our hearts!

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