Thursday, January 10, 2013

Star Wars Party Part 1

 It's going to take a few posts in order to fully blog about Caleb's Star Wars party.  I'm separating it into a couple of different sections, but the Jedi training definitely deserves its own post!!

I got most of my ideas from Pinterest.  You can see my Star Wars board here.  As usual, I take the ideas and put my own twist on them.  I do love going to Pinterest to get the ideas flowing though, and it's fun to see how others do their parties.

We did the party a bit backwards, having kids eat as soon as they came in, then sing Happy Birthday and do cake, and then do presents....all before the activities.  That's because the activity was Jedi Training, and I wanted to push all of the tables back to give as much room as possible.  (Reason #237 why this party was not at my house!)

So here's the overall look of the food table...

I found these toothpicks at the dollar store.  I thought they looked like light sabers, but apparently I was mistaken.  Caleb informed me that they really don't look like light sabers at all.

I set the cupcakes up dueling light sabers-style, after finding the idea here.  Little did I know that the choosing of the cupcakes would be such a huge deal!  If you chose green, you were a Jedi.  But if you chose red, you were on The Dark Side!  You should have seen them battling it out with their cupcakes!

The hilts were made from a paper towel roll that I cut in half.  The pieces were longer than toilet paper rolls, so it looked a little more realistic...well, as realistic as dueling cupcake light sabers can get, I suppose!  I then covered the paper towel rolls in black and silver electrical tape to make them look like light sabers.

Caleb got the middle cupcake with Darth Vader on it....but I made sure that Luke Skywalker's cupcake was green!

Everybody sat around the tables to enjoy their snacks and cupcakes before the Jedi training started.

Stay tuned for the excitement of the Jedi training!

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Raelyn said...

How creative!! Even though most of your ideas came from Pinterest!! ;-}
I really loved the dueling lightsaber cupcakes!! I want a RED one!! ;-p
Oh, Caleb does not know what he is talking about!! Those plastic toothpicks look like lightsabers to me!! ;)