Friday, January 11, 2013


Only doctors call Abby Abigail.  Because of that, it has developed a bit of a negative stigma for her.  I think she equates Abigail to doctors and everything that comes with it...hospitals, needles, long car rides, blood, pain, etc.  She has recently chosen to completely disregard anyone who calls her Abigail.

Don't get me wrong--I love the name Abigail!  I chose it, after all!!  It was actually my intention to most often use that as her name and not call her Abby exclusively, but when she came out so tiny and frail, yet so full of spunk, Abby just fit.  She will forever be my Abby Joy!

So, at a recent visit to the pulmonologist (who, out of all of her specialists, is probably the best with Abby), she came in and greeted her with a cheery, "Well, hi, Abigail!"  To which, Abby turned her head, glared at her, and stated just as clear as day, "My name is Abby!"

Thankfully, our pulmonologist has a good sense of humor and just laughed, saying, "I'll make a note of it in your chart!  I will call you Abby from here on out!"

Oh, that child is a mess.  A royal mess!


Raelyn said...

Crack. Me. Up!! Little ABBY is so funny!! You have an outspoken one on your hands.... But, then with her iron will, who should be surprised? ;-D

Sandy said...

Love it!! :)