Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow Day!!!!!

When there's tons of hype, we get no snow.  When we are told that there's not going to be anymore than a dusting, we get a day off of school!!

Today didn't start out so fabulously.  A snow day meant Caleb had to come with Abby and me to the genetics appointment.  I got an early start to allow for slow travel this morning.  It was a good thing, because it took me twice as long to get out of the county as normal.  (Am I the only one who has landmarks to check my time?  Ie:  out of the county within 30 minutes, get to rt 665 an hour before my scheduled appointment, enter Baltimore City within 20 minutes, etc.  Is that weird?!)  The roads in the southern end of the county were really not so good.  It got significantly better the farther north I got, so I was able to drive closer to the speed limit by the time I got to the county border.

We had just left the county when I heard Caleb yell, "Uh oh!  Uh oh!"  I pulled over, but not quickly enough.  He threw up all over himself.  Awesome.

I called Matt, who was going to meet us so that he could take Caleb home while I continued on to the appointment with Abby.  A few minutes later, I got a call from a very frustrated Matt, who got stuck trying to leave our road.  His little car couldn't handle the ice and snow!  I ended up just going all the way home while Matt called the geneticist to reschedule.  I tried my best, but it just wasn't happening today.  Darn...I was really looking forward to going to the geneticist...! :)

So, I go home.  A neighbor pulled Matt out and cleaned off the road so that he could get to work.  Caleb went to his room for about an hour to rest, but my suspicions were confirmed.  When he has an empty stomach, he throws up.  Since he refused to eat dinner last night, he was a little too empty.  New rule:  not eating dinner is not a choice.

Once I realized that he wasn't really sick, I got the snow gear out and the three of us went outside.  That's when the day started to turn around.  :)

Not the "neatest" snow gear ever, but it worked!  I didn't have Caleb's snow gear hand-me-downs because...he is still wearing the 2T snowsuit...#mykidissosmall!

After throwing a few snowballs at each other, the kids meaning me made a tiny little snowman out of the not-so-packable snow.  It was a little too powdery to make it much bigger than that, but they seemed satisfied!  Caleb did a great job making the face out of a carrot, acorns, and a smiley stick!

We have a pull sled that Abby absolutely loved!  I got my exercise pulling her around the backyard as she squealed, "Weeeeeeeeeeee!" for half an hour.  It was pretty stinkin' cute!

I have not perfected the art of loading videos that I downloaded from my phone, so I can't share the videos I have of us sledding in our disc down the hill.  But that's pretty much what Caleb did for over an hour, and Abby loved going down with me.  I even managed to impress Caleb when I went down on my belly.  I got a few cool points, apparently.  :)

Believe it or not, Caleb went in way before Abby was ready to!  I pulled her around on the sled for another 15 minutes or so before I decided it was time for lunch.  I think they'll be ready for round two when Matt gets home, so we can all go out.

I love snow days!!

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Raelyn said...

My Mom drives on landmarks. I would too. Except for the fact that I do not drive!! So. I do everything else on landmarks!! If it is weird, well, then we are all weird!! I know I am!! ;)
Does Caleb get carsick? I do.... And riding on an empty stomach always triggers it!! :-(
A snow day!! What fun!! And. I love, love, love your snowman. He is adorable!! ;-D