Sunday, January 13, 2013

Star Wars Party: Darth Vader Crashes the Party

Just as our Jedi Master was saying goodbye, the Darth Vader music starts (compliments of Matt!) and Darth Vader himself enters the party room.  Someone yelled, "Get 'Em!" (I'm still not sure who!) and then all you-know-what broke loose!

I know he's the bad guy and all, but I kind of felt bad for poor Darth.  He was totally outnumbered!

He challenged Caleb to a duel.  Caleb had SUCH a serious look on his face when he agreed!  I couldn't keep a straight face about it!

Darth made a few good shots, but then his light saber flew out of his hand!  Caleb snatched it up and began battling double-fisted.  Poor Darth didn't stand a chance!

He fell to the floor and was promptly tackled by many young children with pool noodle light sabers.

And I stood by and took pictures.  :)

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Raelyn said...

I have somehow always liked the bad guys. And, as an oddball teenager, I had a crush on Darth Vader!! That's right!! I like, like, liked him!! Well.... I have also always been a sucker for redemption stories, and Darth Vader does change....!! ;)
I hope that "Birthday Boy" Caleb is still recovering from his Scarlet Fever!! ;-D