Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Medieval Times

Caleb had a fantastic time at Medieval Times.  His love for knights has been rekindled with a vengeance!

Caleb got a new wooden sword as an early birthday present from Nina and Paw Paw.  He picked it out himself and is in absolute heaven!  

He got to hold a real (very expensive!!) sword and was mesmerized!

They had suits of armor for sale--and they were marked down!  Since they were only $4,000 each now, we bought two. :)

We were sitting in the green knight's section, and he did really well!  He didn't win, but he was a good rider and fighter.

All of the knights lined up in front of the king.

At the beginning of the show, all of the servers go out and march across the stage.  Our server was the second one in the yellow and green.

Whenever a knight won a game, he got flowers to throw to kids in the audience.  Caleb caught one of them and was sooooooo excited!

Pretty horse :)

It was definitely a great night making memories with Caleb.  Abby stayed with my parents because otherwise, she would have had to sit on my lap...and it was way too close quarters for all of that!  We'll go back in a few years when she's old enough to appreciate it (and can eat the food!)  In the meantime, it was a special time with our oldest!

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