Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mom's Morning Out Photo Dump

Abby goes to a Friday program at our church called Mom's Morning Out.  We just call it school, and she loves it!  Her teachers are wonderful and have really helped her to blossom this year.  The main teacher sends an awesome email each week explaining in detail what their activities were for the day.  This is really helpful for a mom whose daughter doesn't share too much with me!  They even have a Snapfish album where they upload pictures so that we can see what they do each week.

I've so enjoyed seeing the pictures of Abby at school interacting with her friends.  I picked out a "few" of my favorites and thought you might enjoy them too!

I love the way she's reaching here.  We try to encourage standing on her tiptoes to strengthen calves, gluts, etc.

Amy and I love dressing the girls as twins when we can.  They are the only girls in the class, so it's pretty cute.  :)

Making applesauce ornaments

Halloween twins!

"Milking" a cow

Raking leaves!  (I love the life experiences her teacher provides!)

We have this one in a cute orange fall frame they made.  Love it!!

This one was early in the year, given that she is wearing shorts and doesn't have glasses yet!

She's definitely a girl!

Playground fun

Woo hoo!  Making a huge mess with shaving cream...and I didn't have to clean it up!  :)

Love this one of the tummy time we work so hard on to strengthen the core and her arms...

Nice fine motor activity stringing fruit loops for the birds

Ice skating with wax paper shoes...not sure what she's thinking about this one!

Another great fine motor activity using tongs to pick up ice cubes!

This look cracks me up!  

"Eating" lunch...but sitting nicely!

This is how her teacher gets the kids to sit on the blanket quietly for Bible time--Cheerios!  At the beginning of the year, Abby wouldn't even consider putting any in her mouth.  She pretty much just tossed them on the floor.  Now, Caleb has to chase her away from his cereal bowl because she keeps stealing his Cheerios!  I love it!!

We are so thankful for loving, Christian teachers who have calmed my (many) fears about leaving Abby and accepted her just as she is.  She's come so far in just 5 months!  

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Raelyn said...

I love, love, love the mirror picture!! Cute!! Cute!! Cute!! ;)
Good choice on framing the picture with Abby holding that pumpkin!! What an adorable expression on her face!! ;-D
Oh, if that is not a "look", then I do not know what is!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;)