Saturday, January 12, 2013


We finish disinfecting the house from one sick kid (We never did figure out what it was, by the way!  All of the tests came back clear, so we're going with Salmonella) and then had to do it again for another.

Caleb got an unwanted birthday present--Scarlet Fever.  He started feeling badly at dinner on his birthday.  I knew it couldn't be good when he didn't even eat his special birthday dessert!  By the time we got home, the poor kid had a fever and lots of pitiful tears.  He couldn't really tell me what hurt, but we'd already decided that the fever alone would keep him home from school.

The next morning, he told me his throat really hurt.  One look into his mouth showed a throat full of red bumps.  Strep!  Matt was already home that day, so he took Caleb to the doctor while I went to a meeting for work.  (I feel the need to mention once again how much I love our pediatrician's office!  "Our" nurse saw that Caleb was sick on Facebook and called Matt before the office even opened to let him know that she had an appointment for Caleb that morning.  How awesome is she?!?!)  By the time he got to the doctor, Caleb had also developed the sand paper rash that points to Scarlet Fever.  Thankfully, it's the same antibiotic either way, so it was okay.

The fever hung on for several days and he started not being able to hold anything down, so he stayed home on Friday too.  Every time I thought he was clear, it would come back again.  There were times when he was so hyper full of healthy energy that I considered driving him to school.  Then he'd just crash again and sleep for several hours.  He's been fever-free now for 24 hours.  Dare I say that I think he's on the mend?

For anyone who runs into Caleb:  he does still have a rash, but it is not contagious!  We've researched and asked to make sure.  The rash can stay for several weeks, but he's not contagious after being on the antibiotic for 24 hours.  Promise!  :)

Of anyone, I am a huge supporter of not sending your kids to school when they're sick just so that they can infect everybody else.  I abide by the "24 hours fever free" rule and quarantine the sick one so that the rest of the family avoids catching it.  Disinfectant is my friend, and I clean those door knobs until they shine.  And yes, I did do five more loads of laundry to disinfect all of the blankets, sheets, and clothes.  Yay.

But I'm done with sickness.  D-O-N-E done!

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Raelyn said...

So. Your washing machine must have been repaired, huh? ;)
Poor Caleb. Poor you!! Get better, dude!! ;)