Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Doritos and Cheetos

I discovered last night that Abby loves Doritos and Cheetos!

Now, I have to say that we do not normally have these types of foods in our house...like, ever!  But I had bought one of the big containers of snack mix for Caleb's party and Doritos and Cheetos were part of it.  She pointed to it and said, "Want some!" so I figured I would try it.  

Low and behold, she ate about 20 Doritos and maybe 10 Cheetos!!!!!  Like, bit, chewed, and swallowed them!!  It was amazing to see her munching away at real food!  I don't care that these weren't the healthiest food choices in the world--she's eating!!!!


Raelyn said...

Girl after my own heart!! I love Doritos and Cheetos, too!! ;)

Karen said...

That is amazing!!! Can she come over and teach Paxton :). I'm so happy that she is feeling better.