Sunday, December 2, 2012

What am I up to?

I'm in full party-planning mode for Caleb.  With Christmas coming and all of the commitments that go with it, I want to have everything done so that I don't have to stress myself out over the break.  

Guess what kind of party we're having?!

Star Wars.  The boy is obsessed with movies he has never seen.

I did the invitations all in one night.  My inspiration came from this on Etsy, but I made some changes and added more details.  The "sword" part isn't really pointed like the person did on Etsy, so I made it  more rounded.  I also hand-decorated the hilt so that each one is unique.

The hilt is actually the invitation.  When you open it up, it says, 
"Six ago in a galaxy far, far away, Caleb was born.  It is now time for him to fulfill his destiny and become a Jedi knight.  Join us for Jedi training and birthday fun."

The party itself will actually be Jedi training.  The kids will all be getting their very own pool-noodle-turned-light sabers, and they'll do a variety of exercises and sparring techniques with it.  

A real Jedi will be leading the training.  A real Jedi!

Caleb is SO excited.  I cannot even tell you how much he talks about this.  

For me...I'm not real into Star Wars, but this is a pretty easy party, as far as planning goes.  Matt's in charge of all of the training stuff, so I don't have to do anything!  Give 'em a light saber and let 'em have at it!  :)

Let's hope it doesn't get too chaotic....oy.


Raelyn said...

Oh, I love "Star Wars"!! Especially Han Solo. I guess I like a guy who was once a jerk, but changes his ways!! ;)

Dana said...

Super fun! When Ash was little, like 4 or 5, she went to a party where they did something similar, but it was more of a free for all. So much fun, and the best part? It'll be a party he will never,ever forget!