Saturday, December 8, 2012

Emergency Bulletin!!!

Alert!  Alert!

I have a special announcement to make!  Abby went on the potty for the first time today!!!!

We haven't officially started potty training yet, but we do put her on the potty before bath time.  She likes the idea of it, but she's never actually gone...until tonight!

I think we cheered sufficiently loudly enough that Abby realized that she had done something good.  :)

I plan to start over Christmas break when I'll be home for consecutive days and hopefully able to establish some kind of a routine.  Because we'll be in Baltimore this summer for the feeding program, I need her to be fairly potty-trained by then so that the therapists can just remind her to go during the times I'm not able to to be with her.

But for now, I'm just celebrating over the first potty time!!

1 comment:

Raelyn said...

GOOD GIRL, ABBY!! Sorry. I am used to praising canines!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;)