Saturday, December 1, 2012

Festival of Trees

 Our local Festival of Trees is a tradition in our family.  We always get the kids dressed up and get some great pictures in front of the many trees.  Plus, the kids like looking at all of the decorations.

This tree is for my uncle.  It was a Lab Tree, complete with a Labrador angel.  They aren't quite as heavenly as Boxers, but... :)

This entire tree was decorated with waterway maps.  It was so cool!!  The garlands were made with tightly rolled paper, and all of the creative cut-paper ornaments were maps too.  It was my favorite "fun" decorated tree. 

This was the sweet little tree in remembrance of a little baby boy who just passed away suddenly.  He is part of a well-known family in our county, and my heart just breaks for them.

Waiting for those great pictures of beautifully dressed children??  Well, you'll have to keep waiting, because this is what Abby did:

So Caleb started getting hamming it up a bit!

(This was the strangest tree ever...)

We had to get pictures of the Joy tree!  (That's also where the header picture came from!)

I always get great pictures in front of the poinsettias....

...but not this year.

To his credit, Caleb was SO great!  Look at those smiles!

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Raelyn said...

Do you have a winner in pictures of Caleb? I love the one when he is giving the double peace sign!! Classic. ;op