Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Survey

I stole this from my friend Karen.  Thanks for sharing!  :)

1. What makes CHRISTmas such a special holiday for you and your family?

I really love how cheery everyone and everything is.  I love the decorations, I like the "Merry Christmas" greetings in the grocery store, I love Christmas music!  How can you not smile?!  I also really love our family tradition of adopting a family.  We all go together to buy presents for each member of the family, and it is such a special time.  Caleb is old enough now to really get into it too, and it has really taught him a lot about generosity.

2. Were you told the truth about Santa Claus by your parents or did you find out another way? you plan on lying to your kids (if you have them or plan on having them)? Oh yes…I went there. 

I found out when I was 4.  I heard a noise and snuck out to see my parents putting presents out.  Strangely, it never really bothered me.   I didn't have a big, "Santa isn't real?!" meltdown or anything.  I don't think they ever even knew I saw them!  

Ohhhh, this is a bit of a touchy subject for me.  Yes, we do Santa...but Caleb knows that the entire reason for Christmas is Jesus and that we give gifts to remind us of the gift God gave to the world.  Santa is harmless fun.  Why not let your kids enjoy a little Christmas magic for a few years?!  (For the record, it really bothers me when parents encourage their kids to tell the "truth" about Santa.  It's fine if you don't do Santa, but you don't need to ruin it for everybody else...or chastise because I allow my kid to believe in Santa.)

3. Real tree or Fake tree? 

I would love to have a real tree, but fake ones are so much easier.  We have a fake tree that is pre-lit.  It blinks in random patterns and sometimes parts don't light up at all, but it was free.  I keep saying we're going to get a new one!
4. Do you open presents on Christmas morning, Christmas Eve or both? 

The kids open one present (of our choosing) on Christmas Eve.  Everything else is done Christmas morning.  Santa doesn't wrap gifts--he doesn't have time for that!  Mom and Dad wrap! :)  
5. What is your favorite Christmas movie to watch? Favorite Christmas song to sing or listen to? ( I know…technically two questions) 

I love The Polar Express as a cartoon, but I also really, really love A Christmas Story because it just cracks me up!  My favorite Christmas songs are "Hark the Herald Angels Sing," "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear," and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."

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Raelyn said...

What a fun idea!! Even if you "stole" it from a your friend....
Here is mine!! ;)
I love Christmas music, too!! I've been doing some serious soul-searching this year, and realized, in light of such a cheerful season, I love to sing!! Love to!! Singing lifts my spirits somehow!! People say that I am good.... ;-D
My parents told me the truth about Santa Claus. I do not recall how old I was. I have always been the curious-mined type, and we own this children's book entitled "Is Santa Claus for Real?" If memory serves me right--which it seldom ever does--I looked at that book. I asked questions. And, my parents were always honest with me!! I do not see any harm none whatsoever with letting your children believe in Santa.... I did. And I still do!! Ho, ho, ho!! ;-}
Oh, by the way? I was one of those kids that you speak of who told her cousin that Santa Claus is "not real!! "Our Mom and Dad bring us our presents", I said. Oh, I got a talking to after that!! ;-/
We do real Christmas trees. They are the best!! ;-}
We exchange gifts during two separate occasions on Christmas morning. With Mom, Dad, youngest sister, youngest brother and myself. Then later with oldest brother, sister-in-law and--new to the family this year--niece!! ;-D
Favorite Christmas movie. "It's a Wonderful Life", "Prancer", both "Miracle on 34th Streets", and "The Nativity Story". Favorite Christmas songs. That is a hard one. I love so many!! And my favorite Christmas songs change from year to year!! This year it is "Little Drummer Boy" "Joy To The World" and Elvis Presley's sexy-sounding "Here Comes Santa Claus"!! But I also love, love, love "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer"!! I like "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas", "Hark! The Harald Angels Sing", and "Mary Did You Know", as well. ;)