Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Go Dale Thomas!!!!

Dale....a former youth of ours from when we were a newly married couple serving at our first church.  He's...in a word...special.   :)

He has made me shake my head in resignation more times than I count.  He's the one person in a large crowd of people to stand up every single time during "God Bless the USA."  I've been forced to experience various bodily functions on multiple occasions.  And, I'm not proud to say that I had to confiscate finger rockets from him after he shot them at me during a national youth conference.

Turns out, he was quite disappointed that I did not write a blog post about his potty accomplishments like I did about Abby the other day.  He feels that his efforts should be celebrated just as much as hers.  So...

Way to go, Dale!!!!!!

I am SO proud of the way you have gone "potty" for the last 21 years.  Although it has been a looooooong time coming, you have finally mastered the fine art of flushing the toilet, and I am so proud of you.  I'm sure your family is happy too.

You get a gold star on your chart for your hard work, Dale.  

Although I cannot physically do the "Potty Song" with you, grab Jen's hands, jump up and down, and in a sing-song voice, chant, "You went on the potty!  You went on the potty!  You went on the potty!  Wooooooo!"  

In all seriousness, Dale has become quite a responsible young adult whom we are very proud to call a friend.  His goal is to be a chaplain in the Air Force, and he will be such a support and encouragement to those men and women.  Love you, Dale!

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