Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Just the Beginning...

Caleb got the original Star Wars Trilogy for Christmas.  (I scored it from a thrift store for super cheap after eyeing it on Ebay but was reluctant to pay their crazy prices!)  

No, he has never seen a single bit of any of the Star Wars movies...but he is quite an expert, isn't he?!

That all changed tonight when he began watching the original Star Wars.  We didn't quite finish it tonight, but he was in light saber heaven!

And he enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate during the movie in his new Star Wars Tervis Tumbler. :)

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Raelyn said...

With the "Star Wars" movies and his "Star Wars" cup, it was a themed Christmas for Caleb!! Cool!! I love themed Christmases!! ;-D
Good call on buying him the original "Star Wars" movies. They were better than George Lucus' most recent films!! ;)
But then. How can you pass up Harrison Ford as Han Solo? ;-}