Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I cannot believe that Abby will be trachless in two days.  Amazing.

Really, our adventure starts tomorrow evening when we go to RMH.  We'll stay there Wednesday night and then head over to JHH at 6:45 a.m.  See why we are staying at RMH?!  Her surgery is scheduled for 8:45, but I wouldn't be surprised if they took her early.  JHH has been really great about being on time or early since being in their new building.  They have operating rooms for each of the specialties, which REALLY cuts down on the emergency bumps!  Love it!

While under anesthesia, the ENT will check out Abby's airway one last time.  It's routine and we are not expecting anything strange, but he just wants one more peek.  He will also clean out her ears again, since she'll be under anyway.  Doctors can't see her right ear drum now that the tube isn't there (Abby's ear canals are special...), so our ENT wants to get a good look at it to make sure there isn't fluid building up.

Abby will go to the recovery room and will then be admitted to the PICU.  Once she is settled in and fully awake, our ENT will come in and take the trach out.  It will hopefully be extremely anti-climatic!!  Abby will be monitored overnight just to make sure she is doing okay.  If all is well, she will be sent home on Friday--trach free!

For those who have asked, yes, we will be losing our nursing in a few weeks.  Abby will no longer qualify after she has proven herself fine without a trach.  Right now, we will be nurseless on October 1st.  We are looking forward to reclaiming our privacy, but we will certainly miss the nurses who show so much love and concern for our girl!

So that is the plan for Thursday. Let's hope it is a very calm and boring hospital stay!  Thanks for praying for my girl, and for our nerves.  I haven't been sleeping too well recently...all of the possible scenarios keep playing through my head!  But I know she is ready, and I am so excited!!

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Dana said...

Interesting that they take the trach out awake! I always assumed she would be under for that. Do they stitch the hole up too, or leave it open until they know how she's doing? Just curious. I can't wait to see pics of her without it!